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The Language/Market Fit Kit [tutorial]

Find exactly the right words for your landing page, so prospects feel like you've read their minds. Draft high-converting pages in 15 minutes with this paint-by-numbers process.

Learn How To:

  • Take away the guesswork, get to the right answer fast.

  • Pick out the critical customer insights that should and shouldn’t be included

  • Clearly communicate your offering in your audience’s language 

  • Create content that speaks to your customer’s pain points and motivations

  • Minimise bounce rates by using a simple test to spot comprehension issues before you publish your page.

Stop running A/B tests that make no difference. Stop throwing away money at copywriters and agencies. The right words are already in your customers' heads.

“This framework is the Ikea manual of landing page design. This paint by numbers approach allowed me to build a page that has delivered us a 5x increase in conversions!”

Marvin Klein,

Head of Product @ LUKA

“It works! We 10x our conversion on the home page using the copy hacks in this tutorial.”

Joshua Wohle

CEO @ Mindstone


JTBD Insights Canvas

Use this Canvas to get into your prospects headspace

15 Min Landing Page

A quick exercise to pull together your first iteration without over-thinking.

Comprehension Tests

A quick and dirty way to spot and fix comprehension issues before you publish


Skip The Guess Work

We run 10-week sprints with technology companies to put growth into practice, guided by authentic and credible operators. Our operators haven't just scaled companies themselves; we'll go deep with you to untangle the toughest problems. 


We go deep into your business with care and candour. We ask the hard questions and push you to do the work yourself. Experience is the only true teacher of understanding - and everyone on your team will learn by doing it themselves, together.


We've worked with over 100+ teams with a 97% founder likely to recommend.

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