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Most sites have conversion rates below 2%, which leads to sky-high CPAs. That’s because their copy sucks. It’s a bunch of “marketing-speak.” But the most successful sites have conversion rates from 4% - 10%. What’s the difference? Language.


If you’re wrestling with high CPAs and low conversion rates, learn to clearly communicate your offering using your customer's language based on their Jobs To Be Done. You’ll learn a step-by-step process to draft landing pages that can lower your bounce rate, plus tons of examples, so you know what good looks like.


Note: This workshop is designed for people who have completed customer interviews using the “Jobs To Be Done” framework. That’s not required but strongly recommended. We offer Jobs Interview training here.

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Now we have almost a hundred people singing from the same hymn sheet…


Absolutely worth it, it will stay with us forever.

Darina Garland   | Co-Founder - Ooni Pizza Ovens

Your Instructor:
Nopadon Wongpakdee

A long-time practitioner of JTBD, Nopadon spent time learning from (and teaching with) Bob Moesta, pioneer of the Jobs framework. He introduced Jobs to Citibank and 500 Startups. He has refined this approach in his work at Startup Core Strengths, helping over 100 startups apply the Jobs methodology specifically to accelerate growth. Previously, he spent 20+ years in Digital Marketing, where he helps companies understand how to scale their growth, with a focus on SEO and inbound marketing.

What we'll Cover:

In this live interactive two-hour hands-on workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Clearly communicate your offering using your audience’s language

  • Pick out the critical customer insights that should be included on a page

  • Draft copy that clearly speaks to your customers pain points and motivations

  • Test and validate messaging, even if you don’t have much traffic

  • Quickly test designs and headlines even if you have very little traffic

What You’ll Get:

Whether you’re optimising your home page or testing landing pages for your ads, you’ll get tools you can use right away, including:

  • A step-by-step process to turn your customer interview insights into landing pages that convert

  • Proven examples of winning pages from a variety of industries and use cases, including B2B, B2C, marketplaces and mobile apps

  • A simple test to spot comprehension issues before you publish your page

  • Answers to common questions like “How long should a page be?” and “What if I have multiple customer personas?”

  • Live critique/teardowns (if you want ☺️)

  • Q&A

Who should attend?

These practices have been shown to benefit companies at any stage or industry. The course is ideal for early stage founders and marketers who are hands-on trying to accelerate growth and lower CPAs.


Note: To get the most value from this course, it’s recommended you complete at-least 5 ‘jobs to be done’ interviews with customers prior to attending, and have access to your notes or transcripts. (Maybe start with our Jobs to Be Done Interviewing for Marketers course)

1. Focus

Zoom in on the most important parts of the business to focus your work and simplify resource decisions (e.g. spend, build, hire). You’ll spot and unblock constraints, and find and build out growth loops

2. Align

Give everyone a simple scoreboard so they can see how they’re doing, and understand how their work contributes to the company’s success. This will help individuals prioritise better, align and focus the team, and reduce silos and politics.

3. Simplify

Have more productive conversations with key leaders and investors, because you're working from a common set of assumptions

What kinds of business models will we cover?

  1. Simple B2C acquisition funnels (quick impulse-buy, DTC)

  2. Longer slower “Considered purchase” funnels (B2B and B2C)

  3. Enterprise B2B sales (lead-gen, nurture, sales)

  4. Marketplaces (2- and 3-sided)

  5. Mobile apps, traffic, installs through retention

  6. Viral / product-driven growth

  7. Subscription / retention-driven businesses (B2B and B2C)

  8. Content & inbound traffic models (incl. SEO and Influencer)

First, you’ll distill your business into a simple flow diagram. Then, you’ll identify key levers that drive your growth engine so you can prioritise areas of focus. This will also help you spot problems early if things aren’t lining up with your growth model.

What is a growth model, exactly?

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“After interviewing 15 bar operators, we realised why our conversion rate was so low. Our language was vague, intangible and confusing. We re-wrote the headline to be clear and specific, and our conversion rate increased immediately from 3% to 17%, and since then it’s more than doubled again.”

Dominic Collingwood, Co-Founder, Matchpint

Dominic Collingwood | Co-founder & CCO-

Skip the “marketing-speak,” and draft and test landing pages that will lower your bounce rate.

May 25th

15:00 -17:00 GMT

Solo = £300

Group = 3+ for £250

Limited to 25 attendees

Why are “growth models” critical?

When each person works from a different mental model (investors, product people, marketers, etc.) they each act from their own set of assumptions: E.g. product people want to research and build… marketing people want to buy ads or do branding… engineers want to refactor code or do iOS15 updates, compliance wants to comply and lawyers want to keep you out of jail (crazy, I know 🤷🏻‍♂️). Chaos ensues because everyone’s moving in different directions, and everyone passionately believes their thing is the most important thing in the company.

Simply put, your growth model lets you establish a common language, and give everyone a simple mental model to understand how their own work contributes to your overall growth.

Learn to draft high-converting landing pages in minutes, even if you’re not a writer, with this paint-by-numbers process.

Individuals £300 (or £250 if you buy 3 or more)

Date: May 25th

15:00 -17:00

Create Landing Pages that Convert Using JTBD

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