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As marketers, we always found “Jobs To Be Done” a bit complicated. So we first created this “paint by numbers” template to help with our own customer interviews. Eventually, we started sharing it with clients. It’s designed to help you:

  • Uncover people’s un-spoken true motivations, anxieties, trade-offs

  • Discover new channels and search terms

  • Find ideas for referral partners and viral growth mechanics

  • Write headlines that cut through using exact customer language.

This PDF has two parts:

  1. A marketing JTBD interview cheat sheet: 6 interview questions to unpack your prospects, unmet needs, alternative solutions, hopes, and anxieties. For each question, you get prompts telling you precisely what to listen for.

  2. A template “Job Card” (aka canvas): Organise your insights into “Jobs Cards” that document each customer journey. They’ll augment (or replace) cumbersome personas and get your marketers, agencies, writers and freelancers all on the same page. (The right page!) 

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