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Who Should Apply:

Seed & Series A startups with a product or service that people love to use but struggle to get predictable, scalable, profitable growth.


Who should attend:

Founders (required) and their teams.



About Me:

I'm a co-founder of Startup Core Strengths. In addition, I'm an operator working with startups and tech teams for 20+ years.


Before Startup Core Strengths, I was an EIR for "Citi Ventures", and before that, I was the "Growth Hacker in Residence" for VC firm "500 startups".


Quotation mark

Now we have almost a hundred people singing from the same hymn sheet…


Absolutely worth it, it will stay with us forever.

Darina Garland   | Co-Founder - Ooni Pizza Ovens

Your Instructor:
Nopadon Wongpakdee

Nopadon is the co-founder of Startup Core Strengths, and master of all things inbound. He’s been working on SEO and inbound since the late 90’s, first in Silicon Valley, then in London, and he’s helped over 100 companies accelerate their growth by applying these principles and practices. Prior to Startup Core Strengths, Nopadon was an Entrepreneur In Residence with Citi Ventures, and coached in 500 Startups' accelerator

What we'll Cover:

Who Should Apply

Seed & Series A startups with a product or service that people love to use but struggle to get predictable, scalable, profitable growth.

What You’ll Get:

Whether you’re optimising your home page, or testing landing pages for your ads, you’ll get tools you can use right away, including:

  • A step-by-step process to turn your customer interview insights into landing pages that convert

  • Proven examples of winning pages from a variety of industries and use cases, including B2B, B2C, marketplaces and mobile apps

  • A simple test to spot comprehension issues before you publish your page

  • Answers to common questions like “How long should a page be?” and “What if I have multiple customer personas?”


Startup Core Strengths

We run 10-week sprints with technology companies to put growth into practice, guided by authentic and credible operators. Our operators haven't just scaled companies themselves; we'll go deep with you to untangle the toughest problems. 


We go deep into your business with care and candour. We ask the hard questions and push you to do the work yourself. Experience is the only true teacher of understanding - and everyone on your team will learn by doing it themselves, together.


We've worked with over 100+ teams with a 97% founder likely to recommend.

1. Focus

Zoom in on the most important parts of the business to focus your work and simplify resource decisions (e.g. spend, build, hire). You’ll spot and unblock constraints, and find and build out growth loops

2. Align

Give everyone a simple scoreboard so they can see how they’re doing, and understand how their work contributes to the company’s success. This will help individuals prioritise better, align and focus the team, and reduce silos and politics.

3. Simplify

Have more productive conversations with key leaders and investors, because you're working from a common set of assumptions

What kinds of business models will we cover?

  1. Simple B2C acquisition funnels (quick impulse-buy, DTC)

  2. Longer slower “Considered purchase” funnels (B2B and B2C)

  3. Enterprise B2B sales (lead-gen, nurture, sales)

  4. Marketplaces (2- and 3-sided)

  5. Mobile apps, traffic, installs through retention

  6. Viral / product-driven growth

  7. Subscription / retention-driven businesses (B2B and B2C)

  8. Content & inbound traffic models (incl. SEO and Influencer)

First, you’ll distill your business into a simple flow diagram. Then, you’ll identify key levers that drive your growth engine so you can prioritise areas of focus. This will also help you spot problems early if things aren’t lining up with your growth model.

What is a growth model, exactly?

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“We went from 7 leads per month to 70 leads per week almost overnight using the Inbound process and techniques we learned from Nopadon. It really came down to finding the right lead magnets. I cannot recommend this approach highly enough.”

Marcin Zaba | Head of Marketing-  Audiens

Cost: Free

Date: Oct. 12 & 13 

One Central, World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE

Growth Office Hours

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