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  • Why you should not hire a T-Shaped Marketer

  • The Important Marketing Decision Every CEO Should Make

  • Job Description: 8 Traits for the Perfect Head of Marketing

  • Fundraising Benchmarks for a European Series A

  • The “Lead Domino” that makes everything easier. (And cheaper!)

  • Churn – 3 Non-obvious Insights

  • Finding your 10% – Where in the Funnel to Focus?

  • CEOs: How to Manage Growth in 1 Hour/Week

  • How to Run Growth Sprints

  • Perverse Incentives – Avoiding bad KPIs

About the Author

In case we’ve not had the pleasure… Matt Lerner here, I’ve helped over 100 startups figure out how to grow. I started my career in Silicon Valley: 4 startups (2 losers, 2 winners, including PayPal). Next, I was the UK partner with Silicon Valley VC fund 500 Startups, where I got to “go deep” to help dozens of European startups grow (250% YoY on average). Now I run Startup Core Strengths, a virtual accelerator for Seed & Series A companies.

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